Find Out About CNA Certification in Georgia and Renewal Requirements

In the state of Georgia, 90% of the total direct patient care market is served by the registered certified nursing assistants according to the Georgia CNA Association. The state has also made the top 10 list of states with the most CNA job openings. In GA, Certified Nursing assistants are also direct care workers performing essential health care and nursing-related services to older adults and patients with chronic and disabilities conditions.

The state requires nursing assistants to complete the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) and OBRA-87 approved GA Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (GA NATCEP) to be eligible to perform in varied settings. DCH has also contracted Alliant GMCF to keep and maintain GA Nurse Aide Program and Nurse Aide Registry (NAR). Alliant GMC also ensures that the GA NATP and NAR meet the Code of Federal Regulations education and CNA listing prerequisites.

CNA Certification in Georgia Requirements

In order to get certified and receive certified CNA Certification in Georgia, the nursing students must complete two steps:

  1. Successfully complete GA Nurse Aide Training Program (NATP)
  2. Pass state-approved Nurse Aide Certification Test (CEP)

GA Nurse Aide Training Program

The state-approved training program is minimum 85-hours and consist of 24 hours clinical hands-on experience and 61 hours classroom / lab training. The training programs are offered by High Schools, Community Colleges, Home Care Agencies, Long Term Care Facilities, Private Schools and Technical Institutes. The successful completion of both training parts is critical to receive the required direct patient care knowledge and skills. The completion of the program also makes nursing students eligible for state-approved Certification test.

GA Nurse Aide Certification Test

GA CNA Certification Test is also known as competency evaluation test / CNA exam, and offered to nursing assistant students who have successfully completed state-approved GA nursing assistant training program. The GA DOH and Alliant GMCF approved CNA testing is a means of assessing nursing care skills and knowledge of the candidates to perform nursing, and nursing-related jobs in accordance with Federal Regulations and the state guidelines. The Georgia Medical Care Foundation has contracted with the national testing agency Pearson VUE for developing, scheduling, scoring, and reporting the results of the NNAAP Examination to GA nurse Aide Registry. All candidates will have to complete an Application for Registration by Competency Examination form to be eligible for appearing in the certification exam.

The NNAAP exam consists of two separate parts, the Written / Oral Test and the Skills Test. The candidates are allowed to choose either the Written Test or Oral Test. Both the Written and Skills evaluation tests are administrated on the same day and candidates will have to pass them to be certified.

CNA Certification Renewal

The certification (license) remains valid for 2 years on the GA Nurse Aide Registry before it is expired. The license renewal requires minimum working of 8-hours against pay within past 2 years. The renewal process lasts for every 2 years, and if you fail to work for requisite minimum 8-hours, you will have to re-take the NNAAP test again.

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